Transsexuals in Brazil by Pep Bonet / NOOR

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
April 2012.
Lorna Washington (left) and Drag queen Elaine Parker (left) getting ready for a show at «Turma Ok» Club, located in Lapa.
Lorna, precursor of drag queens in Rio de Janeiro, always satirized the Brazilian divas such as Maria Bethania and Elza Soares. Lorna, who is one of the founders of the band Carmen Miranda, witnessed the inauguration of the first spaces used exclusively for the Rio GLS like “Turma ok”
One of his most applauded show was at the club Parrots in the mid-80s, with the direction of Joseph Walter Girão de Melo. But his success was not limited to Brazil. In 1996, Lorna Washington performed also in the USA.
Long before there was any organized gay movement in Brazil, «Turma Ok» was founded in the early 60’s in Rio.
With almost 50 years of existence, is the oldest gay group in Brazil, and remains active producing cultural events and promoting camaraderie among the participants.

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